the Engineer.

Since the 1990ies, I've been mixing and mastering local and international bands and acts~below is a selection of highlights. I've  been fortunate to have had long working realtionships with several independent artists.


Penkowski ~ ,Final Destination Disneyland' longplayer. Mix~mastering. 2022.

Nelson Dialect, Sterneis ~ 'C.G.Jung' longplayer. Mastering. 2022

Tinguely de Chnächt ~ ,Zukunft' longplayer. Recording~mix~mastering. 2021.

Khaderbai ~ ,the Beat Diaries' longplayer. Mastering. 2018.

Fred&Walt ~ ,Songs from the Vault' longplayer. Mix~mastering. 2017.

Ruff and Limmitt ~ ,Helde' single. Recording~mix~mastering. 2015.

Tinguely de Chnächt~,Bar' longplayer. Recording~mix~mastering. 2010.

Güldin,Güldin' longplayer. Mastering. 2008.

Mothers Ruin ~,Godzilla 2007 Attack Remixes' longplayer. Production~mix~mastering. 2007.

Lügner ~ ,Kukelikki' longplayer. Mastering. 2005.


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