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#hiphop #turntableism #drum&bass #urban #bleeps #dancemusic #bassheavy #distorted #filtered #synthpop #guitar #abstract #ambient are some of the #genres my Music is based on. If you are looking for these styles in your project, I'll gladly create an authentic soundtrack. I've licensed my tunes in adverts or produced remixes for other artists.


Here is a selection of my music, new and old~enjoy!

I love Bandcamp! These tunes are 'copyright non critical'~100% Crazeebo! Listen or buy...

I produced a Longplayer disguised as Cobareze. A fully improvised analogue modular synth Jam recorded over two weekends in spring 2022. Not your ususal Crazeebo music, this is rather post-genre. With this comes a new Label called Bawoi.

These are 'copyright critical' and only for your ears. I don't know why Soundcloud doesn't take these down =)

Here are some DJ mixes. I like concept mixes.

Below is a Radio Interview. 35 years of my Music and the ideas behind it. Half of the show is a Mix of my inspirations over time.

,Expressing myself with music became a BIG cornerstone in my career. As I was too young for Punk and too old for Hiphop - these two influences stay with me until today. The real AHA moment came when I had a Sampler under my hands. Feeding it anything and playing this back on the keyboard sparked my interest for electronic instruments at the beginning of the 1980ies. As a trained sound engineer then, I could foresee the bedroom studio revolution!

I started to take classical guitar lessons when i was seven and was in my element playing Bach and Flamenco...this changed when i heard the Dead Kennedys! I got myself an electric guitar, amp and distortion pedals and played in a band. My production years in Paris (more here) led me to DJing. With Acid House, my love for Dancemusic came. Raving and DJing became my favorite pasttime during the 1990ies! My producer skills started to take shape when I invested in synths and a sampler. Gradually, I became a sought after specialist engineer/producer for local artists.

I get asked 'Why Crazeebo? You're not crazy nor Beau??' Its the name I got shouted by Joeystarr 30 years deep in the Hiphop Game. The Oldschool give names when you've arrived~it stuck.'


Talwiesenstrasse 134 
8055 Zürich, Switzerland
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