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Impulse response of a legendary recording stage

I work for Swiss national Radio where the above hall has been used as a recording space for almost 80 years. The operative crews moved out of the building where this hall is, so it was time for me to record an IR of that great space. Attached underneath you will find original recordings of the Altiverb warble that you can drop into your copy of Altiverb. There is a subfolder with conventional IRs that can be used in all other convolution engines.

Over on my Insta, you can hear this beast:


Download the files here:


Oktober 13, 2022Comments are off for this post.

the sound of Akira’s bike

Sometimes when i noodle on my synths, sounds appear that could be used in an abstract way for nonmusical sound design. This could be Akira's bike=). The complex oscillator is the incredible Instruo Cs-L. What's happening here is, both cores fm each other for that warm fuzzy sound. I have not tried to redesign any bikes with it yet, and if you do-let me know!

Download here:



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